QR Code Parking

Setting up a QR code in parking lots can help drivers park faster without standing in long queues. A QR-code-based parking solution can help operators set up touchless access and payment in their parking lots without upgrading their equipment.

How do QR Code Payments Work in a Parking Lot?

A QR (or a Quick Response code) is a matrix barcode that stores unique information that can be deciphered with imaging devices. QR code-based payments often work in tandem with smart parking software to make parking more convenient. Parking lot owners install a QR code at the entrance of their parking lot, which when scanned directs the user to a custom web app through which they can book and pay for parking.

Once the online transaction is complete, the driver can move directly to the designated parking spot.

Make parking easier for both you and the parker with a QR-based parking solution.

With GMP QR, parkers scan a QR code to pay through a custom-branded web app with your logo in it. Get started with just a phone number and pay using any preferred method!

No apps, no downloads! Choosing QR can benefit parking businesses in many ways:

  • Deployment in 30 minutes - just apply the QR code to go live!
  • Get rid of expensive offline access equipment
  • Lightning-fast payment using the parker’s preferred method
  • Automatic reminders to the parker via SMS on session expiry
  • Enforcement API integrations to handle overstays
  • Track all transaction data on a centralized dashboard
  • Set up partner promo codes and discounts for your parkers

Get My Parking’s scalable smart parking platform is an operator’s best choice for automating and future-proofing their parking lots.